Alexandrina Council is a 'Small Business-Friendly Council'. This is our commitment to supporting our local small business community through a number of initiatives that promote job growth and economic development.

Business Alexandrina is a dedicated program that supports local businesses through a number of initiatives including Our Local Alexandrina platform, Our Local Innovation program, economic development grants, and ongoing training and skills development workshops hosted locally.

About the Small Business Friendly Council Initiative
An initiative of the South Australian Office of the Small Business Commissioner

Small business owners and operators create local employment, provide essential goods and services and help create attractive, liveable communities. The right mix of small businesses can create a sense of vibrancy and aƩract people to live, work and visit.

Councils can have a significant influence over how attractive their area is for businesses to set up, and established enterprises to grow. They also play a key role in the lifecycle of a small business. Most of the interactions business owners have with the government are at a local level.

To help build stronger, more productive relationships between small business and Council, the Office of the Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) has developed the Small Business Friendly Council Initiative. The Initiative aims to recognise Councils that are working to support their small business communities.

Taking part in the Initiative means your Council has committed through the Charter Agreement to work with, and support, small businesses by adopting five required Initiatives and at least three additional Initiative (which suit your particular Council and community).

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