The Fleurieu Peninsula Profile has been generated from data in the period March 2020 to March 2021, meaning that the data depicted is from a whole year’s worth of COVID restrictions. 

Fleurieu Peninsula achieved 85% of the State 2025 target of $642 million, and 68 per cent of the 2030 target of $807 million. Across the region there were 909,000 domestic overnight visitors for the year end March 2021, of which 91% were from intrastate (9% were interstate). 

The regional profile also states that 2.5 million day trips were taken to the Fleurieu Peninsula with spend of $197 million. In 2019-20, the tourism industry contributed an estimated $668 million to the Fleurieu Peninsula regional economy and directly employed approximately 3,700 people.

Regional insights

Interstate, intrastate and international visitors all agree that the proximity of the Fleurieu Peninsula to Adelaide is appealing. Interstate and intrastate are also attracted by the diversity with coast, food & wine, wildlife and a range of activities combining strongly. 

The key priorities for the Regional Visitor Strategy include, encouraging year-round visitation and driving visitor yield, growing spend from day-trippers and converting some day trippers to overnight stays. This will be achieved through events, accommodation improvements, product development and marketing. 

You can find the report, and other great resources here


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