Digital Marketing: How to achieve results for your business in 2022
In this talk, Marketing Expert, Alex Gibbs from Smile Marketing provides advice and toolkits to help you navigate the complex Digital Marketing landscape.

Many small and medium-sized businesses receive contradictory advice when it comes to Digital Marketing. There is pressure to grow your following on social media, build a website that sells and engage with customers online.

In this talk, Alex discusses how you can better make decisions about where to focus your Digital Marketing efforts to achieve the best results for your business.

Key Topics

  • How to focus your time and effort on Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Plan on 1-page

  • What Digital Marketing options create the most value for business

  • Identifying Digital Marketing activities that are aligned with your business goals

  • How to develop new Digital Marketing skills in your business

  • How to prioritise Digital Marketing projects for your businesses and help them to grow using this grant program.

Workshop Recording

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