Steven King is a Small Business Financial Counsellor employed by Rural Business Support. Rural Business Support provides financial guidance and counselling services to regional primary producers and small business holders, free of charge.

The Small Business Financial Counselling (SBFC) program provides practical support to small business owners in rural areas who are concerned about the impact of drought, bushfire and/or COVID-19 on their business.

As a Small Business Financial Counsellor, Steven works in the rural and regional communities, so he understands very well the challenges that local business owners are facing. Steven can help you to prioritise the important decisions that need to be made now and develop plans to help you gain some much needed clarity amid the uncertainty. This might involve looking into government grants or other payment options to help ease some of the financial pressure.

Steven can work with you to:

  • Identify the important decisions that need to be made
  • Consider different options you may have to improve your business
  • Develop a plan to keep your business on track and you feeling in control
  • Develop plans to manage cash flow and creditor payments
  • Prepare for talks with lenders and insurance companies
  • Access dispute resolution services
  • Connect with broader professional advice and support
  • Apply for government and community grants, programs or schemes
Steven is very motivated to be able to assist Local people making a difference and contributing to the Local economy.

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