Expert in Residence -Business Financial Advice - Andrew Carver

Rural Business Support provides support to help eligible farming families and small business owners who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Business Financial Counsellor, Andrew Carver has more than 30 years of experience as a financial advisor. Coming from a regional centre, Andrew knows only too well how significant small business is in rural communities and their role in providing employment and services to regional areas, including supporting sporting, cultural, and community wellbeing. Andrew is passionate about building resilience in business through his holistic approach to addressing current issues – such as cash flow, investment, debt, and succession planning, as well as formulating strategies to achieve longer-term goals.

Andrew Carver is available  for both face to face and online sessions that can help you to:

• understand your financial position

• navigate financial issues

• develop plans to manage cash flow and creditor payments

• access dispute resolution services

• consider succession pathways

• seek broader professional advice and support

• access government and community grants, programs or schemes